What’s that Baidu MIP

Baidu MIP, which stands for Mobile Instant Pages, is a version of Google’s Baidu to AMP. Technology of MIP is very similar to AMP. So you could say its MIP is AMP Baidu.

In fact, MIP page coding as coding AMP pages, only pages MIP more customized and optimized for the browser in the Chinese market.

Baidu said that Instant Mobile Maps can reduce the rendering of above the fold content by 30 percent to 80 percent. In addition, the level of tap-to-open will increase 5 percent to 40 percent. And like Google, Baidu has considered potentially providing excellence MIP page rankings in search results.

If their intentions are the same, whether it is possible to Baidu and Google will cooperate with one another in terms of the use of AMP and MIP mensuprot this? Because it is in fact the AMP is still difficult to ride in the Baidu page. Baidu certainly will not cancel the MIP project and replace it with AMP Google, as there are more than 1 billion page has been indexed by Baidu MIP