How to Speed Up Loading WordPress Easily

The speed of loading WordPress in a blog or website is one of the parameters that can increase the value of SEO. In addition, the loading speed will also make visitors comfortable if you want to visit your blog or website. In this article we will discuss about how to speed up loading a website or blog using WordPress with ease.

Ways to Accelerate Loading WordPress

1. Test your WordPress Speed
Before deciding to speed up loading WordPress, you must really know the state of your own website .. There are many useful tools that enable you to measure the performance of the site. Use some of them to see if your loading speed is above average or even sluggish.

2. Use Lightweight Themes
Choose a fast WordPress theme with good code design. If you choose a theme that has many additional features, it can negatively impact the performance of the website. The default theme of WordPress usually already has very good code, light, very fast and easy to customize.

3. Install Caching Plugin
The way to increase the next loading speed is to install the caching plugin Caching is an excellent mechanism to offload some load on the web server. Basically caching engines store information that is often used in the client system (browser, memory) so that the browser does not need to retrieve information repeatedly from the server. Most caching can improve site performance.

4. Minify CSS, HTML, and JavaScript
Minify is one useful technique if you want to improve website performance. This technique will reduce the size of front-end files and scripts (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) by deleting unrelated characters, such as space and comments from those files.

5. Optimize Images
Image is one element that can slow loading site. There are several ways you can do to optimize images. You can start by specifying the maximum image dimensions for thumbnail, medium, and large sizes.
The second thing you can do is reduce the size of the uploaded image without changing the original size or reducing the image quality. One of the plugins you can use to do so is

6. Divide Content into Multiple Pages
Pagination or split content refers to a technique to simplify or shorten longer content. This short section will then be displayed one by one as a separate page. Generally pagination is used to accommodate comments because meloading thousands of comments simultaneously can lead to congestion on bandwidth.
In addition to being used for comment fields, pagination can also help you split your post / page into multiple web pages separately. This technique is very useful for a very long post because it is unlikely the user will feel confused when first visiting your web.

7. Choosing the Right Web Hosting
You can decide to speed up loading WordPress if you’ve made sure that loading is slow instead of being caused by the web hosting provider you use. Lots of websites are hosted on unreliable providers and it turns out the website is placed alongside thousands of client sites on one server together. As a result, their servers are very slow.
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