Today received an email from Google:

In the coming months, we will suspend the official AdSense Plugin for WordPress. You received this email because you are using a plugin for WordPress sites.
Changes that occur
Official AdSense Plugin for WordPress will be discontinued in May 2017. You will no longer be able to edit your ad and ad unit settings directly through AdSense Plugin. Existing ad units will continue to show ads, but you can not make any changes.
Recommended action
To provide a better user experience on your site and can make any changes to your ad units, you should follow these steps:
1. Back up your WordPress site.
2. Turn off the official AdSense Plugin for WordPress (and remove existing AdSense ads).
3. Choose one of these options to continue showing AdSense ads:
Option 1: Show ads with QuickStart
Allow AdSense to place ads on your site automatically by linking your site using a simple code snippet, “the ad code page level”. Once the code is placed on a page, you just need to slide a button on AdSense and ads will appear automatically.
You must use other WordPress plugin for editing the <head> of templates WordPress site.
Option 2: Display AdSense ads Specialty
Create and place your own ad unit by inserting the ad unit via WordPress widgets.
To do so, you must create a text widget in WordPress and copy and paste the widget code into the ad unit.

4. Make sure your site remain in compliance with AdSense ad placement policies.
5. Remove AdSense plugin is fully authorized.
6. Optional: To continue using Google Webmaster Tools, make sure you verify your site.